Tarantula In The Alley

by Spit Ritual

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recorded by tyler in south san francisco bedroom/bathroom late summer 2016


released August 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Spit Ritual San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Tarantula In The Alley
something in the alley/brain cells are melting from the glow of this screen/between my eyes my grey matter turns green/fuck a job id be a shitty father/being a slimey blobby creep sounds so much hotter/writhing on the floor thoughts of a creep/the screen haunts my nights deprives me of sleep/baby i feel like im turning into dracula /or even worse a goddamn tarantula/i feel like a tarantula in the alley/earth angel earth angel please be mine
Track Name: Thai Tea Creeps
looking real sharp with my thai iced tea dont talk to me you fucking creep/im no fun/and my friend she doesnt care either please dont tell us where you went for the summer /we are no fun/i didn't dress up nice/today to listen to your bullshit/i just dont get it /baby please/ive had enough/i cant take it/i feel it in my bones/why do you speak so loudly on the bus/i dont care about your thoughts/im no fun/walking on the street with your smirk/my squad would rather be eating dirt
we are no fun/dont look at me because i dont like you
Track Name: Ain't It Funny
you made me broken/i now know what i have to do/break your head open/with hate and anger aimed at you/belittle, belittle, im gonna break you down/your tears, your sorrow, im gonna make you drown/there is no real redemption for you/fuck you and your stupid dreams what are you going to do for me/i see it the fear in your eyes/your trapped i found your disguise/the stake is now your bed/aint it funny in the end everbody wants you dead/its time to suffer we all wanna see you bleed/cause you are not going to take my life away from me